Elation Framework

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Create world-class interactive websites with ease. Scale them to reach millions. Elation makes it a breeze and can grow at your pace, no matter how fast you move.

  • Reusable component-based architecture makes building rich experiences easy
  • SQL, NoSQL, REST, or any other data backend, with caching out the wazoo
  • Powerful frontend library helps you tap into all that HTML5 has to offer
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What is Elation?

Elation is an MVC client/server framework for PHP and JavaScript which helps you build rich content out of reusable components. Elation is designed to be lightweight and flexible, providing unified access and caching to any number of SQL, NoSQL, REST, and other data sources. On the server side, Elation follows the principles of Linked Data and encourages developers to think of their site in terms of entities with relationships, rather than just flat pages full of links. On the client side, it makes it easy to add interaction and depth to those entities, wherever they may be displayed on your page.

Whether you're building an eCommerce site, a web application, or a social game, Elation makes it easy to bring your vision to life. Elation can fit any size needs, anywhere from personal VPS/shared hosting up to geographically-distributed multi-datacenter environment. Yes, even the cloud.

How can I help?

Elation is a work in progress, and there's still a lot to be done! Even if it's just feedback on your experiences installing and working with Elation, it's useful to me to know how people are using it, so I know where to focus my efforts. Follow me on GitHub or join #elation on Freenode